Friday, December 17, 2010

In they come

And this is some of the sexy pin up style garb i have ordered (yet to arrive). I am aiming for a total image overhaul, which means a whole new wardrobe. I am sick of wearing the same clothes i have been wearing since my late teens - and they didn't look good on me then either. Watch this space as ardently as i am watching my mail box - and please don't tell my husband i have been buying new clothes...

I plan to make a good part of my new wardrobe myself, but will use these basics to make patterns from. Basically i am a thief.


  1. that case miss phaedre can I have all your old clothes???
    what about the new skirt?? it wont be fitting with the new you : (
    I adore the leopard print bow dress, very Ditta Von Tess.

    hippyville will be missing you, but the new glam is gonna look hot!
    cant wait

  2. I can send you some clothes if you'd like, i still havn't payed you for that skirt cos i don't have your acc deets! Oh hippyville, i will still visit from timt to time, and i do LOVE my new skirt...