Friday, December 17, 2010

A Before Photo

Alot of the clothes i would like to wear are just not good for me, they look good on women that i deeply admire, but with totally different body types than mine - Kate Moss, Jade Jagger, Lou Doillon, MaryKate Olsen, Nicole Richie - women of not much boob. The image above is not me.

My bustline measures 38 inchs, and i am currently breastfeeding.

This is me:

Okay so i had just had a baby, still in maternity clothes, and with not a scrap of makeup (baby is now 9 weeks old) but
1) it is my most recent photo of myself as NO ONE bothers to take photos of me, and
2) i figure worst possible photo makes for more dramatic "before and after" comparison.


  1. yeah I hear ya, I ve got to stop looking at those photo shoots of young models too and realise I need to go forward, are our kids making us old or keeping us young??? im not too sure.

    love the no makeup, go you, im much to vain for that!!! haha


  2. We must accept that we are no longer teenagers... and havn't been for quite some time!! Old and wise, and reminding us to have a sense of humour (i hope!) love u Sheshe