Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Drawing for a new tattoo

Very arty shot of today's outfit taken again by my 7 yo son, showing my new (2nd hand) Misery sailor top. Very happy with the top, not so happy with daggy maternity bra underneath, also not so happy with my camera. I really wish i could afford a new camera, but first priority is a new mic, and 2nd is my new tattoo, which will fill the gap on my left shoulder and help my goal of a complete 1/2 sleeve.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Picture (above) taken by my son. I am having trouble finding a bass player and drummer. Had a couple of each ring up but they just not the right ones. Have been jammin on some songs with a guitarist, SO much fun, and have started writing some originals.

Tried to sell my bike so I could buy a new microphone, but decided i love it too much and so in the garage it stays. But now, how to buy the mic? Had been saving for another tattoo (filling a whole in my sleeve-in-progress), but do i want this mic (next post) more?...

Friday, January 7, 2011

The Band

I have no new photos as the last week has seen my new wardrobe project go out the window, partly because all the eating and drinking has seen my stomach swell so, and partly because i have been distracted by a NEW project. I am so excited, i have decided to form a psychobilly band and i already have some interest from potential 'members'. I finally got my beautiful Maton guitar fixed, it has had a broken machine head for 4 years now, and while i was in the local Rockshop i put an ad up on their notice board. So far i have 2 guitatists and a drummer and a bass player, but i havn't met up with any yet, next week will see the start of my auditioning. Let's all cross our fingers this venture goes better than my recent roller derby disaster.
Photo above is included as it shows my new shoes which cost all of NZ$10 which i think go so well with all my new clothes and allow me to wear sexy dresses every day without feeling "over-dressed".