Saturday, December 25, 2010

New Dress for Christmas Day
New Dress on Tightrope

New Dress on Rollerskates

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I LOVE these clothes!! Makes me wanna run off and join the circus, or write a very last minute letter to Santa with updates for my wishlist. Lovin the ruffly shorts and bustle skirt, and assorted dresses of course.

I have one of the corset boob tubes, it just arrived this morning, and to my delight i found some gorgeous stickers had been tucked into the parcel. So now my skate helmet is lookin even cuter, and the kid's bike helmets have green flames to match... reminds me i must take my rollerskates for a spin today.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Washing day

It has been raining for a week and this morning i can't find a clean bra (yesterday's is soaked with milk) so i find the only top that will hold breast pads in on it's own. Good news is it is a great day for drying washing so i should have clothes to get "dressed" in for the rest of the week.
Remarkably, i managed to get the eeni baby to not only fall asleep on her own, but to stay asleep for a bit, by swaddling her. Which means i have a chance to do some more washing.
My girl says i look like "da ballewina", which is a compliment.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Braving the Christmas Rush

I went to the "mall" and got me some spanx. Took me half an hour to wiggle my arse into the suckers, and the sensation feels alot like sausage meat being squeezed tightly into a thin wetsuit.

My capri pants arrived today. From the measurements i ordered size 10 and am dismayed to find they are slightly on the tight side - strike 1 for ordering from online auctions. I do love them despite. Am further dismayed to find that the tight underwear has shifted the lump on my stomach up onto my back. But i am quite proud of my 2 minute quiff - love me some high hair.. .


So this is a few pics of my style inspirations, you should have known pin-up was just a bit too pretty...


Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day #1

Well i can't say i am off to a flying start, but i have learnt my first important lesson:

applying makeup as your baby screams beside you leads to wonky lip liner, mismatched eye shadow and generally half-arsed application of everything.
Also, my makeup seems to be curling up and hiding from me in fear, or is it just shrivelling with age just like my skin? I also am wearing dirty old ripped jeans and a saggy grey bra.
All this looking in the mirror is making me very nostalgic. I am not too modest to admit that i used to have absolutely fantastic tits. At least i can take comfort in that i really made the most of them by flashing on a regular basis, but those carefree days are sadly gone. Since they now need to be more modestly housed i am determined to upgrade their accomodation. I have cleavage and i'm not afraid to use it. First job of said cleavage is to distract my husband from the bank balance...

Friday, December 17, 2010

In they come

And this is some of the sexy pin up style garb i have ordered (yet to arrive). I am aiming for a total image overhaul, which means a whole new wardrobe. I am sick of wearing the same clothes i have been wearing since my late teens - and they didn't look good on me then either. Watch this space as ardently as i am watching my mail box - and please don't tell my husband i have been buying new clothes...

I plan to make a good part of my new wardrobe myself, but will use these basics to make patterns from. Basically i am a thief.

Out they go

First step is to clear some space in my wardrobe, so out go all the maternity clothes. These are some of the things that were worth selling in online auctions:

A Before Photo

Alot of the clothes i would like to wear are just not good for me, they look good on women that i deeply admire, but with totally different body types than mine - Kate Moss, Jade Jagger, Lou Doillon, MaryKate Olsen, Nicole Richie - women of not much boob. The image above is not me.

My bustline measures 38 inchs, and i am currently breastfeeding.

This is me:

Okay so i had just had a baby, still in maternity clothes, and with not a scrap of makeup (baby is now 9 weeks old) but
1) it is my most recent photo of myself as NO ONE bothers to take photos of me, and
2) i figure worst possible photo makes for more dramatic "before and after" comparison.

I hereby resolve... start getting "dressed" in the morning. By this I mean I will choose an outfit (as opposed to picking up the first thing i see on the floor) and do my hair and makeup... most of the time instead of none of the time. I have decided to embrace the 50's, times when clothes were made for boobs, something of which i have plenty.
First photo to come...